betting tips the best free football bets and predictions
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Betting tips the best free football bets and predictions sports betting south africa legal system

Betting tips the best free football bets and predictions

Cleveland opens as 2. Green Bay opens as 8-point underdogs. This matchup report includes betting lines and our NFL pick of the day for this game. Baltimore opens this matchup as 3-point dogs. This matchup report includes NFL odds, predictions, and a free pick against the spread. Kansas City is 1. Detroit opens this game as 6. Cincinnati opens this contest as 6. Washington is 5. The total is set at Seattle opens as 7.

Please note that the NFL picks above for tonight's games are not computer based. All of these articles are written by our talented staff. Free NFL Picks You've waited long enough for the NFL to return, and now it's time to start turning a profit off of the most popular and highest volume of wagering sport there is in North America. Football is king when it comes to being able to consistently handicap on a weekly basis, and there are a ton of angles to capitalize on.

Doc's NFL experts are second to none when it comes to turning a profit on the gridiron, and you can join them in winning with the release of their weekly free picks on every single NFL game from Week 1 to the Super Bowl in February. We utilize our social media platforms to ensure free picks are readily available for those who are looking for opinion and insight on some of the most popular games on the betting board as well as those that are likely to not garner much attention.

You can get started with that by clicking the join button at the top of the page. These picks are released with opening line odds and as such, the lines are subject to change as kickoff approaches on Sunday. At Doc's, we take this into account when releasing free plays and advised on how high you should play a line to or when to avoid the game that sees major line movement.

It's imperative that you understand that betting on the NFL is not always about betting the right teams, it's about betting the right number as well. NFL Picks Against the Spread There is something glorious about being able to consistently win while betting games against the spread. A spread is a sportsbook's way of leveling the playing field when two teams hook up and one team is noticeably better than the other one. That means that the sportsbooks think the Patriots are seven points better than the Jets and as such should win by seven or more points.

If Doc's handicapper agrees with the books, they would lay the seven points and take New England Against the Spread. At Doc's, the majority of our free picks and members selections are against the spreads. There is sometimes value with taking an underdog on the money line, and there are certainly great spots to bet the total.

Defenses are often overlooked, and as such most bettors or casual fans want to see points and more points. While there are great spots to bet NFL games to over the total, there are even more spots to grab an under on an inflated line. For example, if two teams are hooking up and they've put up a ton of points in their last game, sportsbooks will inflate the line knowing the public will think that the 'over' is the play based on recent play.

However, an inflated line leaves bettors with a great chance to cash on the under as both of those teams will likely want to shore up the defense and play a sound football game. Doc's handicappers are some of the best in the industry at finding those inflated lines and hitting contrarian plays on NFL totals. Along with NFL ATS free picks, we offer predictions on totals that are insightful and stat-packed with good tidbits to help you understand what the right side of the total should be.

NFL Parlay Picks If you asked five people in a room their thoughts on parlays, you would likely get five different answers. Parlays, while a long-term losing prospect, can provide value when used in the right way. NFL Parlay picks offer a bettor a small-risk, high-reward type wager that can be very profitable when given the right information to process.

Typically speaking, an NFL parlay pick would consist of two or more selections on different games. Nowadays, the big thing in the betting industry is the Same Game Parlays that are offered at a select number of sportsbooks. These same-game parlays offer up a way for a bettor to focus on one game and parlay a host of selections together for a massive payday.

For example, if you think a football game is going to be high scoring, you might parlay the total, a few touchdown scorers and the point spread result together. A player prop could be Carson Wentz Over There are even bets that can be settled at the end of the season, known as futures.

These are related to season totals or results, such as season awards, division winners, and more. Point Spread The first thing you should do is compare each team when looking to make a point spreads bet. Determine their strengths and weaknesses to see how the two teams match up.

For example, if one team is great at pass defense and facing an erratic quarterback, that could be a key advantage. You may notice that one team is being overvalued based on recency bias from a big win in the previous week. Likewise, a team could be undervalued due to a poor showing in their last game. This is important information because it shows how the team has performed in relation to how they are valued by the market.

In this case, it may be a good move to go with the underdog. Always take a look at recent trends in relation to the point spread. Moneylines First, determine your projected winner of the game when looking at NFL moneyline odds.

You can opt to parlay such a heavy favorite with another team as a way of lowering your risk. There are upsets virtually every week of the NFL season, so this can be a great way to find value. This could be a great way to find a team that is undervalued by the market.

For example, early in the season, the Bengals were not properly valued by oddsmakers. This gave bettors a terrific opportunity to capitalize on an undervalued team by taking them to win outright earlier in the year. The key is to identify a team that may be better than public perception.

Totals Deciding whether you want to bet Over or Under the number is based on a few factors. You first want to check in to see the pace of each team. Offenses that move quickly can run off more plays, which leads to more scoring opportunities. Those that slow the game down lean well to the Under. If you notice that the projected total does not align with how each offense plays, this is a great way to find an edge.

For example, the Ravens and Browns may have had a For example, you may see that a game between the Jets and Texans has a While both offenses were atrocious last year, turnovers could lead to good field position and kill your Under. Parlays Parlays can be appealing because of the potential payouts, but be sure to limit your risk with this bet type because of its low probability. You can devote a small percentage of your typical bet size to a longshot parlay if you want to try to hit a home run.

I would also suggest going with safer parlays that include a few heavy favorites as a way to cover any potential losses from lower probability wagers. Remember, touchdowns mostly result in seven points and field goals are three points. This means that we generally have a few common final scores. This is great for a seven-point teaser because I bring them down to -1, which means they no longer need to win by two scores. Conversely, if I teased the Chiefs down from Props The best way to target props betting is by focusing on player-based outcomes.

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Our football and soccer predictions and betting tips are posted three days in advance of matches. Any further out than that would make it too difficult to factor in any team news and . NFL Picks Here you will find free NFL picks for every game of the /23 season, including our NFL picks against the spread, straight-up, money line picks and totals picks (over/under). . Free & paid football betting tips Ready to win? Let's start Our Experts Predictions Win Premier League Chelsea Manchester United Tip Best odds Over goals Win Serie A Juventus .