superbowl team odds
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Superbowl team odds

Philly's feeling great as it heads into its bye week. For as flat as that loss to Indy was, Kansas City's Week 4 win was entirely impressive. Mahomes diced up a great Bucs defense in a relentless showing, with KC winning The former MVP continued his prime-time heroics in Week 5, combining with Travis Kelce to come back against the Raiders in epic fashion.

Tampa's uninspiring start continued in Week 5, with a phantom penalty saving the Bucs' day So, congratulations to the Minnesota Vikings for cracking the Top 5 amid a seemingly impossible start. The Kirk Cousins-ing could be right around the corner with Minnesota in its bye week but times are good for the Norsemen, for now. Early line movement Those looking for an inside edge when betting the Super Bowl might want to follow the early line moves.

Over the last 14 Super Bowls, the early money has been on the right side on 11 occasions with one game resulting in a push. That price will look good if the Eagles can avoid the fast-start flameout as the season goes on. Playing the Jets and the Commanders over the next two weeks should help.

However, two convincing wins will change everything. Baltimore Ravens The Ravens keep blowing leads, but they managed to win in the end against the reigning AFC Champion Bengals this week, keeping them in the group behind the true Super Bowl favorites. Dallas Cowboys No Dak, no problem.

A Week 6 matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles should show us who this team really is. More Super Bowl contenders and dark horses If you want to gain some value, it can't hurt to look down the odds board a bit. After all, the Bengals were one of the biggest longshots in the league at to 1 and nearly walked away with the Lombardi Trophy.

While that's an extreme example, there is some value outside the top five favorites, perhaps even more so in the middle of the board than at the top. The fact the second-place Packers are higher up this list should tell you all you need to know about the long-term viability of this team as a true Super Bowl contender.

The odds keep on moving even if there are very few who believe a championship is really possible. Do not bet on this rebuild working anytime soon, unless it's a bet on them to get the No.

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If you are considering betting on Philly to win it all, I would do it now. Maybe they aren't the legitimate contender some thought they would be? Then again, we know how impressive Jimmy Garoppolo and Co. Aaron Rodgers was bullied by the Jets defense last week, and the Packers as a whole look all out of sorts.

The most fascinating movement we saw this week has to do with "America's Team" -- the Cowboys. Yes, they lost to the Eagles, but they did so with Cooper Rush. Exotic Super Bowl Betting Options In addition to these more unusual prop bets, the Super Bowl can feature wagers on the game-opening coin toss, as well as which side will win the coin toss. You can bet on how long the National Anthem will play and whether or not particular celebrities will be on stage during the halftime show at the Super Bowl.

Wide receivers and running backs have won it a total of 22 times. Live Wagers In recent years, live super bowl betting options have been increasingly popular since they allow you to put wagers on the point spread, moneyline, or total score of the game while it is still in progress. The odds for these bets change throughout the Super Bowl. Prop bets or proposition bets are unusual, fun betting markets created for the Super Bowl.

You can bet on anything from the coin toss and who will be the MVP right through to who the winning QB will thank first. How many people watched the Super Bowl? The most important football game of the year also set digital watching records around six million.

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SUPER BOWL 57 () - Odds to Win: SUPER BOWL 57 () - Odds to Win; 10/30/22 @ ; Team Win. Oct 24,  · 7Team: Super Bowl LVII odds: Buffalo Bills + Philadelphia Eagles + Kansas City Chiefs + Tampa Bay Buccaneers + San Francisco 49ers + . Mar 23,  · These are the 10 teams with the best Super Bowl odds for next season: Buffalo Bills + Tampa Bay Buccaneers + Kansas City Chiefs + Green Bay Packers .