hsbc bank forex card daily limit
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Hsbc bank forex card daily limit

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Will the purchase limit be refreshed on monthly basis? For Debit and Credit cards, the foreign currency purchase limit will be refreshed based on Calendar Month after the completion of the first working day of the month i. What kind of foreign currency purchases does this limit apply to?

What if I am paying for something online that exceeds the monthly limit will you reject my purchase immediately or later? Yes, if you reached your monthly cap in card foreign currency purchases limit per month, the transaction will be rejected. How will the foreign currency transactions be converted into the equivalent in Egyptian Pounds? Transactions in foreign currency is converted into the equivalent in Egyptian Pounds at the prevailing market rate at the posting date and not at the transaction date attracting the foreign currency mark—up fees and charges as per the 'Schedule of Charges' announced on our website.

Will HSBC charge an annual fee for debit cards? Cardholders may withdraw cash in local currency from their foreign currency accounts if any linked to their debit cards at HSBC Group ATMs outside China and subject to local laws. If you want to withdraw cash through overseas HSBC Group ATMs except Taiwan , please ensure there are sufficient funds in the foreign currency account linked to your debit card. Is there a cash withdrawal limit on HSBC debit cards? Yearly cumulative limit of cash withdrawal outside mainland China of bank cards by person The cumulative limit of cash withdrawal outside mainland China of your all bank cards including supplementary card is RMB , or its equivalent for one calendar year i.

Should the limit is exceeded, cash withdrawal outside of Mainland China will not be allowed in the year and the following year. A daily Point of Sale terminal spending limit is set to the debit card in order to protect you from potential threats or losses in case your card were lost, stolen or used in another fraudulent way.

Large transactions exceeding the limit restriction cannot be completed. You can apply to reset or adjust the daily Point of Sale terminal spending limit capped at RMB 1million based on your debit card usage and attitude to risk. We will by default apply a daily Point of Sale terminal spending limit of RMB50,, if you don't apply to set a limit. Please contact our service hotline or visit an HSBC China branch in person with your valid identification documents and your debit card if you want to apply for supplementary account adjustment.

The primary account linked to the debit card can't be changed, therefore we suggest you link the most commonly used account to your debit card as a primary account and link the other accounts you need as supplementary accounts.