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Ufc top shot

It's also a massive superfight as Volkanovski would get the chance to fight in front of his home crowd while attempting to become just the fifth simultaneous two-division champion in UFC history. Given the ease at which he finished Oliveira, it also isn't out of the question that the larger Makhachev would enter as the betting favorite. TJ Dillashaw should've never been allowed to compete at UFC Something seemed to be weird about Dillashaw's lack of face time during fight week.

The former two-time bantamweight champion, who was hoping to make history at 36 by challenging Aljamain Sterling, was mysteriously absent during UFC Embedded filming and didn't take part in the public workout. Just seconds into Saturday's co-main event, a Sterling takedown then appeared to pop Dillashaw's shoulder out of place.

Dillashaw deserved enormous credit for surviving the opening round while Sterling, a ground specialist with suffocatingly long limbs, had his way with him on top and repeatedly took his back. He also deserves our respect for continuing to fight after coach Duane Ludwig popped it back into place before Round 2. But the moment Dillashaw lost use of his left arm again early in the round, the fight should've been stopped, long before referee Marc Goddard finally called a halt to the action as Sterling was raining down a series of nasty elbows.

And once an apologetic Dillashaw revealed during the post-fight interview that he "completely blew out his shoulder" in April, only to then dislocate it upwards of 20 times during training camp, it's clear he should've been ruled medically unfit to compete.

Dillashaw sat out a full year following a knee injury he suffered during a close win against Cory Sandhagen to secure a title shot. And while it's clear from his apology that he wasn't interested in holding up the sport's deepest division any longer, nobody wins in a scenario such as this. Considering UFC's decision to so openly embrace sports betting on its fights, it also presents a feeling of impropriety for those who placed large bets on the idea that Dillashaw might become a three-time champion.

With a history of performance-enhancing drug use that cost him the title during his second reign, Dillashaw was already considered a villain in the eyes of most fans. But pushing forward with a fight he was physically unfit to win, even with the courage he showed, makes it that much harder to reward him with a big payday for acting "heroically.

UFC pic. Sean O'Malley proved he belongs despite a heavily disputed decision In what turned out to be the clear show stealer on this deep card, O'Malley received the benefit of the doubt from the judges in a split decision win over former champion Petr Yan. The fight was as dramatic as it was fun to watch as O'Malley weathered the storm of Yan's six takedowns and constant physical pressure to bloody and drop his opponent with a flying knee in Round 3.

Given the fact that UFC president Dana White had previously announced the winner would get the next bantamweight title shot, it was an impressive test for O'Malley, especially considering the lingering criticism surrounding the rising star from his TKO loss to Marlon Vera. By fighting back from being hurt, O'Malley proved he has the toughness and adaptability to give anyone in the star-studded division a serious challenge.

But did he actually win the fight? He should be scared of me. His answer to that almost sounds like another troll job because it involves two things he is constantly accused of lacking: his ability to deal with adversity and his dedication. Because the UFC has, arguably, booked him a preferential schedule of competition thus far, some believe he will crumple when faced with real adversity.

And because his very popular Instagram account is filled with videos of him partying with popular YouTubers the Nelk Boys and smoking marijuana, some believe he's not completely dedicated to his craft. It's different. He regularly runs blood analysis with physicians, to hone his diet and training schedule for peak performance.

He meticulously monitors his sleep patterns and has done so for the past five years. And in addition to all of those subtle details, which O'Malley is convinced make the biggest difference when you're at the highest level of the sport, he has also done the one absolutely necessary thing to be the best: He has lost over and over and over again in the gym. He showed up, twice a day, to get beat up. I was a little worried about that when the money started coming, but he's on a different level now.

He wants to be a megastar, and he knows the level of discipline that's going to take. Worrying about the opinions of others would be a weakness, in O'Malley's opinion. However, he is aware they are out there. And you know what? It's good. He likes it. Because after this fight, that doubt will be harder to come by. This is the first fight where I'm not supposed to knock the dude out.

It's cool. The fight is now less than one month away. The MMA Lab facility in Glendale, Arizona, is full of professional fighters lightly sparring on the mats, while O'Malley stretches and mentally prepares for three hard rounds in the cage.

When he starts to go with fellow UFC bantamweight Mario Bautista , a small crowd, including other fighters, forms. These fighters are here to work, but many cannot help but take an interest in what's happening inside the cage. He makes you watch. Listen "People always watch Suga spar because he does mad s," says Jack Eglin, one of O'Malley's training partners who is cageside. You watch him from the side and think, 'Oh, I'll just do this or that to him,' and then when you're in front of him, you go, 'Oh f, this is different.

He's hitting your eye socket and your jaw. He's not just swinging at the side of your head. Suga is pinpoint. If he can beat Yan at UFC , it will be very apparent he could be a champion. In MMA, if you can combine those two feats, which are both extremely difficult to accomplish, well, you have a superstar. And that's what O'Malley is aiming to be. O'Malley finishes up his rounds for the day and walks outside to his neon pink-and-green Lamborghini.

He drives home, where his girlfriend, Danya, makes him a lunch of chicken breast and vegetables. Their 2-year-old daughter, Elena, circles the kitchen, intermittently yelling "Dada" in his direction. Between bites of essentially the same lunch he has eaten for weeks, O'Malley grants one of the hundreds of interviews he'll give before the fight.

What will happen, Sean, if you really do make Yan look silly on Oct. Like, in your life? It would make me twice as big of a star as I am right now. I'm taking six months, touring, going on every major podcast in the country. I'm gonna milk that, and then we get a title shot. The next thing he says almost seems to be aimed at himself rather than anyone else. And that's when I have to make sure to constantly remind myself that I've got 10 more years to stay disciplined.

We can enjoy it after those 10 years, but that's what I've been writing about in my journal. Stay disciplined.

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Forex 100 deposit bonus The product itself is a serious contender within the Dapper series of products, both in quality and long-term collectability. He's prepared for the most difficult fight of his career, but he also believes he's capable of completely outclassing Yan in Abu Dhabi. From your wallet, you can deposit funds from your bank account to purchase packs. While there are some similarities between the three, there are some quirks which make each one stand on their own. We can enjoy it after those 10 years, but that's what I've been writing ufc top shot in my journal. But he's undefeated at and appears to be one of the best up-and-coming fighters in any UFC division. Market supports analyzing all of these platforms for collectors to choose their favorite moments, read more evaluate their portfolios.
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Ethereum bracelet ge He drives home, where his girlfriend, Danya, makes him a lunch of chicken breast and vegetables. Yan is a former UFC bantamweight champion, has significant power on the feet shot ufc top a good ground game. His answer to that almost sounds like another troll job because it involves two things he is constantly accused of lacking: his ability to deal with adversity and his dedication. Breakdown: A unique test for the strengths of Oliveira and Makhachev at UFC 7dMegan Anderson 8dJeffrey Wagenheim 2 Related For O'Malley, or "Suga" as he's known, this was the desired result -- and it's why he's already one of the top stars in MMA, despite this web page fact that he has yet to even crack the top 10 of his division. Just ask the man he beat last, Michael Chiesaufc top shot has one of the best grappling games in the division. Because after this fight, that doubt will be harder to come by.
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Then when he got in there, he threatened with submissions until he locked in a tight armbar to force the tap from his opponent. To round out a great night for him, Taira got on the mic in his post-fight interview and declared his intentions to become the first Japanese titleholder in UFC history, and said he has no intentions of losing before that belt gets wrapped around his waist.

His size, length and grappling ability is going to make him a problem for a lot of the top names at pounds. If he can make his striking more dangerous, maybe his dream comes to fruition. Raphael Assuncao bounces back Raphael Assuncao was one of the biggest underdogs on the card against Victor Henry, and he made everyone look foolish for putting him in that position. His resume is exceptional, but four losses in a row — no matter how great the level of competition — is going to lead to public skepticism.

Pair those losses with the fact Assuncao recently turned 40, and there was good reason to write him off. Assuncao did everything he needed to get back on track. He paired up with a great team at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas, went back to his most comfortable style of counter-fighting, then shut out Henry on the scorecards over three rounds. Getting a gauge on where Swanson goes in the aftermath of this fight is tough. As for Martinez, his callout of Dominick Cruz may not have been likely, but it was his first sign of some edge in his UFC career.

Would this run have her in the same spot of a less stacked division, though? The bout exceeded expectations in terms of action and drama as O'Malley did well to silence the critics who questioned his toughness following a TKO loss to top contender Marlon Vera. The post-fight statistics largely fell in O'Malley's favor after outlanding Yan 85 to 76 in total strikes and 69 to 51 in significant strikes. Yan, 29, got the better of the action on the ground, converting six of 13 takedown attempts.

But I was rocked. But the former champion, who worked a steady diet of calf and body kicks throughout, then responded to being stunned by a left cross in Round 2 by winding up for a left-hand haymaker of his own seconds later to rock O'Malley. Can't get enough boxing and MMA? Get the latest in the world of combat sports from two of the best in the business.

Subscribe to Morning Kombat with Luke Thomas and Brian Campbell for the best analysis and in-depth news, including instant analysis of UFC at the conclusion of the event. The final round saw O'Malley raise his level of urgency as a jumping knee badly cut the right eye of Yan, who spent the final half of Round 3 compiling more takedowns. Although O'Malley came away victorious, he seemed somewhat torn when asked if he's ready for a shot at the winner of the Aljamain Sterling-TJ Dillashaw title bout that immediately followed his victory.

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Sep 9,  · Watch a collection of the best body shot knockouts in UFC history. Which is your . Oct 22,  · UFC results, highlights: Sean O'Malley takes split decision over Petr Yan to earn likely title shot 'Suga' battled his toughest test to date in a slugfest with the former champion. AdBe There Live. UFC Find Tickets at the Lowest Possible Price on SeatGeek. UFC Tickets On Sale Now. Get the Best Seats. Only on registration1xbetpromocode.siteies: Last Minute Tickets, Upcoming Events, DealScore™, Instant Ticket Downloads.