ethereum 2018 price prediction
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Ethereum 2018 price prediction

IMPT relies on blockchain technology to empower anyone to buy, sell or retire carbon credits, and mint NFTs which can be used for investment purposes, and today, we will be diving into why it can overtake the price of ETH in Ethereum Price Prediction Ethereum ETH is the second-largest cryptocurrency when we look at it from the perspective of market capitalization and popularity and as such, it has been a huge point of comparison for many projects.

Ethereum was originally developed to feature the Proof-of-Work PoW consensus mechanism. This essentially meant that miners could contribute mining equipment and electricity to confirm the transactions on the blockchain. Due to the vast popularity of the network in Decentralized Finance DeFi and the development of thousands of decentralized applications dApps , it saw a lot of usage and, in turn, generated a lot of gas fees, out of which miners would benefit.

But miners were at a loss and had to jump ship and switch to another network if they wanted to profit from mining cryptocurrencies, as Ethereum had to be staked now. This put the value of the ETH cryptocurrency on a bearish trend, where the cryptocurrency began decreasing in value as many miners began leaving the network. Here we can see that the cryptocurrency has decreased in value by This means that ETH is currently trading at a decrease of However, to get a better perspective surrounding its current and future value, we will also go over its weekly and hour performance.

Here we can see that within the span of 7-days, the token experienced a difference in the value of 8. Within the span of 24 hours, this difference was at 3. Based on all of this data, it is clear what we can expect from the future of Ethereum.

The Potential of Ethereum Ethereum is more than just a cryptocurrency. Ethereum can essentially be broken down into three main uses: currency, building apps, and record keeping. In fact, companies are already using Ethereum to manage property, shares, and contracts — and even to play games such as CryptoKitties, where gamers breed and trade digital cats.

It launched an ICO initial coin offering in Unlike Bitcoin , there are no limits to how much Ether can be produced. Because Ethereum offers potential beyond just a decentralized currency, Ethereum is widely thought to be a better investment than other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. Another key reason to be optimistic about the price of Ethereum is the long-awaited upgrade to its network — Ethereum 2. With the first stage Phase 0 launched in December , Eth2 aims to reduce energy consumption, allow the network to process more transactions, and increase its security.

Mining involves a tremendous amount of computer power to solve complex algorithms. Staking, or Proof of Stake, is not dependent on computer power. Instead, it depends on the age and amount of coins you hold. Its multi-faceted platform that supports digital currency, smart contracts, and decentralized applications has only scratched the surface of its use.

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